Turning an idea into action, going from a business to a brand, starts with a domain name. Powerful domains have unlimited potential and long-term value. They're digital properties and business assets—your most valuable business asset.


A good domain will take people, new customers, to a site in which they may not otherwise have known about. With the right domain, companies can blanket the market. Digital enables convenience and visibility from anywhere in the world. It takes a lot of work to differentiate, a strong domain provides credibility and will set you apart. Whether starting a small company or creating a global one, targeting locally or hitting the masses, your domain name is your digital identity and competitive advantage.


Domains have been available for over two decades, a lot of .coms are taken. By no means are all the good ones gone! With some imagination and research, you can still find a diamond in the rough. Dot com is the global standard. New generic top-level domains offer creativity and multi-purpose. Effective domains are memorable, unique, relevant, and easy to share. Domain slogans are powerful for advertising campaigns, as primary domains, or as an alternative to .net. Almost every ad campaign has a web presence behind it, using a URL that matches it's slogan. Exact match, keyword and descriptive domains relating to a product or service (say what you do) reflect leader in your space. Two-word domains can be better than one when more specific. Off-the-wall names are original, however new company name recognition can be challenging. A great slogan along with it can make it relative.


Digital spaces are gateways, communication initiated on the web can expedite effective traditional communication (in person). Websites increase awareness, engagement and drive new business. They're the face of almost every company and the first place people go to learn more. Even apps need a home on the Internet. Business is found and done online, ecommerce has just scratched the surface. By integrating trending technology advancementsAI, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, bots or IoTcompanies are able to elevate user experience and better compete. Leverage a domain with video and change your hustle. By blending any one of these interactive tools into a mobile-friendly website, companies can learn more about their customers, target market and more. The sky is the limit with a solid domain.


Appreciating digital asset investments vs. tech investments: Companies invest millions of dollars in necessary infrastructure solutions that are either replaced or displaced every few years as newer technologies and innovations emerge. Domains appreciate over time and don't need to be replaced unless for an upgrade, a new campaign, or renaming. By route of a company domain name, it's website or email, is how people buy. 


There is no shortage of online users or IP traffic growth from mobile devices. The Internet is growing with more video, online shopping, mobile commerce and social selling. As it becomes more in demand and more crowded with fewer .com choices, new generic domain extensions are coming to market. A couple ways to use these is for customized short links (social media) or as a domain hack.


.TOWN is opportunity for early adopters. Geographical domains featured here include the new TLD .TOWN, specifically town dot town. Towns are quaint, close-knit communities in which something makes them unique. The mobile web can bring a small town to life, creating a glimpse into the town experience from anywhere. Every town.COM has been long-time registered.


The World Wide Web was invented in 1989, publicly available in '91. Domain names first came to use through the Domain Name System in 1983, the first .com domain registered was in 1985. Since then, the Internet has been a unifier of people, companies and online networks. Imagine where digital will be in the next five, ten, 20+ years!



Tips and insights for domain do's and don'ts:


- Grab your children's names (firstlast .com) for an early start on their digital future


- Don't register a domain that has trademarked terms


- Get 'your town' dot town, a now opportunity (do research first)


- Don't cybersquat


- Take advantage of what .com opportunity is available today