The new world is in the cyber world. Business today is both found and done online, ecommerce having just scratched the surface. In today's digital environment, your domain name drives your online presence and profitability.


Domain names have been available for over two decadesa lot of .coms are taken. By no means are all the good ones gone! With some imagination and research, you can still find a diamond in the rough. Effective domains are memorable, unique and relevant.


Domain slogans are powerful for advertising campaigns or as an alternative to .net websites. Almost every ad campaign has a web presence behind it, often using a URL that matches its slogan.


Keyword domains relating to a product or service (say what you do) reflect leader in your space. Off-the-wall names are original, however new company name recognition can be challenging. A good slogan along with it can make it relative.

Dot-com is the global standard and usually first choice (depending on use). It captures greater market share and is often a one-time opportunity. Like other extensions, there's only one of its kind. New top-level domains, TLDs, can be very fitting and shouldn't be overlooked.


Communication initiated on the web can expedite effective traditional methods. Websites are the face of (almost) every company and the first place people go to learn more. Digital enables convenience.


It takes a lot of work to differentiate, a great domain will set you apart. Whether starting a small company or creating a global one, targeting locally or hitting the masses, your domain name is your Internet identity and competitive advantage.


Domains have unlimited potential and long-term value. They're digital properties and business assets—your most valuable business assets.



There is no shortage of online users or IP traffic growth from mobile devices. The Internet continues to boom with mobile commerce and social selling. As it becomes more crowded with fewer .com choices, more generic domain extensions are coming to market. One of the best ways to leverage these is for customized short links (social media).


The World Wide Web began in 1991, and the Internet was approved for commercial use in 1995. Since then, it’s been a unifier of people, companies and online networks. Imagine what the world will be like in the next five, ten, 20+ years!




 Insight for domain do's and don'ts:


- Grab your children's names (first/last) for an early start on their digital future

- Don't register a domain that has trademarked terms

- Don't cybersquat

- Take advantage of what .com opportunity is available today